Centuries have passed and wine has played its part in recording history. The path of wine in the history of Greece.

It is true that from Dionysian worship to the banquets of antiquity, the passage of this intoxicating drink in the post-Christian era was impressive and mainly metaphysical.

Dionysus drank to get drunk and reach a state of ecstasy. On the other hand, the risen Christ transubstantiated the wine into body and blood for our redemption and salvation.
But if you look for the spirituality that these phials carry throughout history, you will find various cultures.

You will discover their cultural richness from their way of entertainment, but also their different geopolitical richness.
Over the centuries Messinia has played its own important role in the production of wines of unparalleled quality.
Always keeping in mind to seek the best quality for our customers, we have created a large wine cellar with the signature of great producers of Messinia and the rest of Greece.
Thus, even today, wine continues to renew the human heart and in an unparalleled way that no other drink in the world could ever come close.