Koukos wine restaurant is a traditional family restaurant and it has been operating since 1982 located in the centre of Pylos. Koukos Restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, its high quality service offers its guests a wide variety of dishes with traditional recipes, while preserving its own distinctive flavor and that is the reason has been on the top of everyone’s list for years now.

Pylos is the perfect place to experience traditional Greek cuisine. The area provides a variety of culinary inspiration and Koukos Restaurant has capitalized on this with an extensive menu that includes traditional ingredients.

The way of cooking is something unique. The fireplace inside the restaurant is in operation 12 months a year. We use the “thraca” to cook the meat and fish we serve you. A traditional water mill that gives the energy to turn the grill and cook the meat traditionally.

The family’s passion for food and hospitality has passed through generations, making Koukos Restaurant one of the most popular restaurants in Greece. For over 40 years now, we have been offering our guests delicious meals made from fresh ingredients gathered every day on local markets.